Issue Resolution

Wish everything was on one screen?

Looking to connect with an industry expert?

Trying to get your team to work more efficiently?

Connect to Experts

Control Integrations

  • Connect with Building Automation System (BAS)
  • Validate HVAC Performance
  • Increase Granularity
  • Reduce Microclimates
  • Simplify Reporting
  • Redundancy


  • Connect with QMS or ERP
  • Automate deviations reporting for faster compliance
  • Faster response to issues
  • Reduced time to resolution
  • Minimize gaps in Room logs

Performance Tools & Services

  • Detect Pathogens
  • Prevent Outbreaks
  • Test Water & Nutrients
  • Test Plant Genetics
  • Health Monitoring Programs
  • ¬†Tailored Nutrients

Use Cases

Supercharge Your
Building Automation System

Braingrid’s Monitoring System can be used as an extension of existing Building Systems. Add more sensors where the existing one is currently blind. Quickly and affordably add specific sensors for a niche application or an experiment you are running.

Automate Compliance

Record and respond to anomalies and deviations in your operation faster than ever before. A deviation or non-conformance can be automatically registered in your QMS or ERP system. Making it visible to the right people, and allowing your team to respond quickly.

Every Batch

A healthy and happy plant will be able to fight disease better, or recover faster and more successfully from an infection. Growers have learned the benefits of rigorous monitoring and feeding programs, specifically tuned for individual strains.

With Braingrid’s wireless, self-powered, sensor nodes, growers are able to gather data from a moving table. They were able to add 10x the number of sensors to complement the primary one in the room. Whether the room is 500 sqft or 50,000 sqft, they can feel safe, knowing there are no blind-spots.

Having a complete and digital record of all your activities will simplify SOP reviews and Audits. Reduce the time it takes for evidence preparation or regulatory submissions from days to minutes.

Know what’s inside your plants, how they respond to new recipes, and whether your new techniques are having the effects you desire.