Braingrid’s CEO, Michael Kadonoff Selected as C-45 Association’s Technology Committee Leader

Braingrid’s CEO, Michael Kadonoff Selected as C-45 Association’s Technology Committee Leader

Toronto, Ontario – September 5, 2019 — Braingrid Limited (“Braingrid” or the “Company”) (CSE:BGRD), a global precision agriculture technology company delivering real time monitoring solutions with advanced analytics to cultivators that improve business profitability and consistency, wishes to announce that its founder and CEO, Michael Kadonoff has been named as the C-45 Quality Association’s Committee leader for Technology.

The C-45 Quality Association is a private sector pioneer and advocate for compliance and quality across Canadian cannabis operations. It is led, organized and curated by major QAPs (Quality Assurance Persons), Heads of Laboratories, and other quality practitioners from the 170+ licence holders and applicants across Canada. The C-45 Association offers an online community and a yearly summit to the growing list of license holders of QAPs, industry leaders and professionals so they can achieve clarity and consensus around new and existing regulations thus saving stress, time and costly missteps.

“Braingrid’s and specifically Michael’s involvement in our association is greatly valued.  Technology and compliance go hand in hand” said Chris Stone, C-45’s Interim chairperson and Broken Coast Cannabis’ Director of Quality.

“QAs have an extremely challenging set of responsibilities and not a lot of support from Health Canada or their peers” said Michael, CEO and Founder of Braingrid.  “I’m very proud to be the technology leader for the association because I can more directly support the folks who deliver safe, high quality product for Canada.”

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Doug Harris
Chief Financial Officer

About Braingrid:
Braingrid is a global technology company committed to the best interests of the precision agriculture industry for the long term. We provide valuable grow analytics by capturing real-time data using our technology platform to increase revenues, reduce costs, risks and improve yield – making it easier for the grower to operate efficiently and effectively. The Company is listed on the CSE under the symbol BGRD.

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