Braingrid Announces Completion of First White Paper on Energy Consumption in Cannabis Cultivation

Braingrid Announces Completion of First White Paper on Energy Consumption in Cannabis Cultivation

Flowering stage lighting consumes 50-65% of total facility electricity consumption of all three stages of growth

Toronto, Ontario – September 10, 2019 – Braingrid Limited (“Braingrid” or the “Company”) (CSE:BGRD), a global precision agriculture technology company delivering real time monitoring solutions with advanced analytics to cultivators that improve business profitability and consistency, is pleased to announce the first of four white papers to be issued under the NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada) research program.

The NSERC program involves a partnership with Braingrid and the Smart Grid Research Lab at York University to develop algorithms for tracking and optimizing energy use in commercial cannabis facilities.

The first white paper, written by Dr. Nafeesa Mehboob, Postdoctoral Fellow and Dr. Hany Farag, Associate Professor and Research Chair of York University, concludes “Indoor cannabis operations are highly energy intensive, with lighting and HVAC responsible for the majority of the energy demand. Therefore, it is crucial for indoor cannabis operations to find efficiencies in HVAC and lighting to maintain feasibility in this competitive market, as well as for long term sustainability of this industry as a whole.”

The following three white papers will address Energy Policies and Utility Incentives, Lighting Efficiency and HVAC Efficiency.

Braingrid’s resident Plant Data Scientist, Dr. Vanessa Nielsen  stated “The Smart Grid Research Lab will carry out a 6-month project in collaboration with Braingrid to develop:

1) a process that performs load disaggregation on real-time energy data to distinguish the contribution of individual energy categories.

2) a model that makes suggestions for reducing energy consumptions and determines energy savings if those changes are made.

Braingrid’s CEO Michael Kadonoff added “Growers who wish to remain competitive must actively consider their energy and resource use in their cost per gram. Braingrid’s key energy metrics and deep insights will give growers new tools to deliver consistent, high quality yields with more efficiency.” 

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Braingrid is a global technology company committed to the best interests of the precision agriculture industry for the long term. We provide valuable grow analytics by capturing real-time data using our technology platform to increase revenues, reduce costs, risks and improve yield – making it easier for the grower to operate efficiently and effectively. The Company is listed on the CSE under the symbol BGRD.

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