Empower your team with the tools to know immediately when things go sideways. Have quick access to environmental status, and always be connected to what matters.
Have visibility into all Key Indicators in your operation. Reduce thousands of data points into simple to digest reports and dashboards.
Gain powerful knowledge to grow higher quality products more consistently. Understand microclimates, refine your processes, and  perfect your recipe. 
Simplify your operations by connecting systems together. Reduce the number of screens you have to deal with. Find and connect with industry experts to find the right solution. 

" Braingrid’s proprietary technology
will enable us to fine-tune our growing conditions
and maximize our efficiency "

Explore Our Features

Real-time Monitoring

Monitor environmental conditions in real-time with wireless and self-powered sensor platform.

Reports & Analytics

Reduce thousands of data points into simple to digest reports and analytics. Make smarter decisions faster.

Proactive Disease Prevention

Detect and Prevent potential issues, such as powdery mildew, before they become serious.

Alarms & Alerts

Be the first to know with intelligent Alarms & Alerts. Customize your notifications with specific use cases.

Quick & Easy Setup

Deploy additional sensors in minutes, not hours or days.

Automatic Compliance

Automate the process of room logging and record-keeping. Reduce time spent on maintaining regulatory compliance.

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