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Shlomo Booklin - A master grower with over 30 years experience!

Mastering the grow with Horticulturalist Shlomo Booklin: Part 2

  You make it sound easy. What can go wrong in a situation…
Shlomo Booklin - Master Horticulturalist in pharmaceutical uniform in a grow room

Mastering the grow with Master Grower Shlomo Booklin: Part 1

Last week we sat down with Master Grower, Shlomo Booklin, Braingrid's…
Infographic: Propagation, cannabis harvest, vault, delivery
Interview with Interview

Interview: Michael talks to about Data-Driven Growing

Our CEO, Michael, gave an interview to describing his vision for a data-driven cannabis grow.
Braingrid to Receive Business Impact Award Iot Expo

Braingrid to Receive Business Impact Award at 2017 IoT Expo

Braingrid is honoured to be receiving a Business Impact Award at the 2017 IoT Evolution Expo, held this year in Fort Lauderdale...
Braingrid Unveils Sentroller in dubai

Braingrid Unveils Sentroller: Presenting at the 2015 Internet of Things World Forum (IoTWF) at Dubai World Trade Centre

Toronto, Ontario – Dec.1, 2015: BrainGrid Corporation has unveiled its “Sentroller” – a wireless internet gateway and software platform...
Braingrid Announces Completion of Pilot Program

Braingrid Announces Completion of Pilot Program: Celebrates One-Year Field Proven Sentroller Technology

Nov 25 2015 – BrainGrid Corporation is pleased to announce the successful completion of its one year pilot program, field proving...
First Successful Deployment to a Medical Cannabis Grower WeedMD

First Successful Deployment to a Medical Cannabis Grower WeedMD

“Precision Agriculture”, “Agtech”, Big Data … investors and entrepreneurs have been patiently waiting for these technological...
braingrid programmable world

In the Programmable World, All Our Objects Will Act as One

IN OUR HOUSES, cars, and factories, we’re surrounded by tiny, intelligent devices that capture data about how we live and what we do...
braingrid - iot periodic table

IoT - The Periodic Table

The Internet of Things, continues to grow in our ever evolving world and as it does, private companies, corporations, venture investors...