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Online Data Room: protection versus commercial watch

The word very well virtual data rooms micron traditionally was produced from typically the call for testing to get organization acquisitions. That they in relation to any originally true space with neutral land surface, to illustrate inside a practice, where each party can examine important paperwork undisturbed. On the other hand, the virtual data room is usually digital and even is seen together utilizing the written documents to get reviewed “in the actual cloud”, at a server inside a info hospital. The actual data rooms tend to be also getting ground in projects apart from mergers and acquisitions. Caused by constantly suffering costs pertaining to cloud expert services, they tend to be becoming increasingly involved in SMEs.

Specific niche market, when developing a data room m&a, it is very important home address the respected privacy fears belonging to the celebrations included, of which discover coming from their finance interests. Alternatively, the effectiveness of the particular functions linked with the main due diligence data room need to be warranted .

A person lesson on the scandal is actually in add-on to facts security, at this time there must also come to be conviction concerning who have do what when and how prolonged with each individual file inside the dataroom, or perhaps complete clear appearance on the exact connectivity to the data rooms. Often the data room providers for that reason demand a record that written documents all the actual techniques throughout the virtual data room reviews: · that’s authorized to uncover documents, · when, who may have access for you to written documents meant for the span of time, · which often information some people see, and what that they do together. The motive of the diary will be to understand just what took place with the details room in the event of possible result in use of confidential info meeting management solution.

Several ather attributes of virtual data rooms

board portal

Audit resistant registration

Through a regular separating amongst plan current administration and also system as well as agreement processes incorporated through double management intended for security-relevant management features, secret files are generally safe right from the goes to of IT directors regarding the inner surface and exterior operator.

Safety measures categories

According to the confidentiality degree of the contract, the stability group is the actual coverage device that will be employed in the save. By doing this, internal regulations just for securing company data might be integrated directly. Normal security stages are, for instance , “internal” or possibly “strictly confidential”. Security classes have definable permissions in which determine the way the actual receiver of typically the document might access these.


Dynamically generated watermarks offer extra protection next to not authorized disclosure with files. For instance , typically the user identity can possibly be instantly inlayed in the back involving each page of a good insurance policy. The main content together with layout of your printed watermark can become configured.

Most component amount, data room m&a plus problem incidents are generally taped because proof proof in the timestamp examine piste. Automagically, incidents will be configuration variations and actions these types of as: Gain access to, edit or possibly set paperwork and view individual sites in the particular Protect Keep track of Viewers. Basically the words revealed regarding your pet is presented to anyone. Additional measures such like getting paperwork could be registered in a variety of strategies. Typically the certification to locate the particular exam walk could be minimal. The applying guarantees that the audit walk cannot end up being changed soon after.

Brainmark operations

Typically the administration of the Brainmark companies contains most of the features which often the secure distribution about paperwork in the easy as well as successful Brainmark model. As well as security measure groups, the actual Secure Insurance policy Viewers and even watermark storage and archiving, these kinds of furthermore include options for centralized control as well as efficient administration of keep track of conversions.

Mastering the grow with Horticulturalist Shlomo Booklin: Part 2


You make it sound easy. What can go wrong in a situation where you are expecting a nine-week harvest and it isn’t happening on schedule. What could be going wrong?  

For example, adequate CO2 levels are critical.  Not having the right levels can slow down the process by at least three or four days or the plants don’t grow to their full potential. So if your planning to have 30 cm tall plants and on the third week you don’t have enough CO2, the plants will take another week until they reach the 30 cm height that you expected. Same goes for watering and amount of fertilizer, in terms of frequency of feedings. It all must be correlated to the stage of the plant.

Another example is about 60 to 70 percent of the plant’s growth occurs in the first hour of the day. So, if you don’t provide enough CO2 in that first hour of the day then you’ve lost a day or half of a day. Over a week it begins to accumulate and plants will be 60cm tall instead of 80cm tall. All these little things add up and become critical to the success of the operation.

How do you measure quality as a grower?

If you look at a variety, let’s say for argument’s sake, White Widow and we know that we should expect 19 to 22 percent THC, if you’re not a precise grower you may harvest in eight and a half weeks because it is an eight and a half week variety, however, you won’t get the full potential of the THC, so maybe only 13-15 percent.  You have to provide the plants with the full complement of tools in order to get their full potential.  Also, the yield might be lower if you don’t have the right environmental recipe.

How do you leverage data to optimize a grow?

Basically, it’s all about collecting data and implementing the accumulated knowledge from what you have collected.

I used to turn a plant over and look at the roots to give me a good indication of the health of the plant. If the roots are brown it will take another three days until I see the results on the leaves – meaning I would have lost 3 days in my harvest cycle. If I can determine, before I burn the roots, what caused them to burn, I can eliminate that loss. If I am collecting real-time pH levels, for example, I’ll be able to avoid that damage rather than to see the damage on the roots and two days later to see damage on the leaf. It’s important to use technology to keep an eye on the elements, and to prevent mistakes before they happen.

Only by collecting data and tracking all the elements whether it’s temperature fluctuation or whether it’s humidity fluctuation or the best time to give CO2, will you have a successful harvest?

I encourage each grower to do as much of trial and error as possible because you only learn from mistakes. But, if you don’t collect the data from your mistakes and begin to analyze that data – then you haven’t learned anything.

Leveraging more scientific approaches and new technologies will definitely help growers with the success of their operation.  I’m excited to see more and more cultivators moving in this direction.


Part 1

Mastering the grow with Master Grower Shlomo Booklin: Part 1

Last week we sat down with Master Grower, Shlomo Booklin, Braingrid’s Cultivation Expert, to learn a bit about his techniques that have made him so successful in the Cannabis industry.

1) Shlomo, what is your background and experience as a horticulturist?

I grew up in Jerusalem and studied agriculture. I was lucky enough to work for some very large companies in Israel. After a number of years, I moved to Australia and managed a large flower operation.

I stayed in Austraila for about three and a half years exporting cut flowers to Japan. After that, I moved to Portugal where I managed a facility that exported young plants to Europe – mostly Poinsettias. We did an average of six to eight million plants every season which translates to 250,000 plants per week. I had to arrange to ship a month in advance, so I had to order the truck weeks before I had the plant in the ground meaning everything had to run like a Swiss clock.

In 2002 I moved to Canada. Initially, I worked in a couple of big facilities in B.C. They were about two and a half million square feet of glasshouse growing flowers.  In early 2014 I was approached by one of the first LP’s in Canada. They wanted someone that had experience with large-scale facilities to turn the facility into a more modern operation. I helped them design the irrigation system, layout and SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures). 

I then moved to Toronto and joined MedReleaf.  I designed a new irrigation system and switched them from normal, very expensive fertilizer to rockwool and a custom recipe, reducing their costs from thirty thousand dollars a month to about two thousand dollars a month!

I did that for a year before I became a consultant, working with many new LP’s in Canada, Colombia, Portugal and Greece.

2) What are some of the things you look for that result in a successful high-yield high-quality outcome?

It’s a combination of a couple of things but you must have a good strain from excellent mother stalk to start with, and it can’t be susceptible to disease or powdery mildew which is one of the biggest problems in the industry. Newer and more sophisticated commercial methods are also key like control systems and fertigation systems while collecting and monitoring data will increase the productivity, yield and of course the quality. Consistency is something that is really lacking and it’s critical, especially for medical cannabis. Yield and quality are important but equally important is consistency – harvest after harvest.

Once we have established a good way to grow we will make it into an SOP which will help tremendously in maintaining the consistency level and lead to branding which puts a grower ahead of the competition.

But if we look at it from the medicinal standpoint, consistency with the right balance of CBD, THC, CBN and terpenes is definitely something that is critical when you are treating a specific condition. The levels need to precise.  It isn’t a fine art – it’s a science!

3) How do you manage the timing of the harvest?

You need to follow strict SOP’s which lets you know that this particular plant is supposed to be harvested on a specific day. You can be accurate within a day or two. That enables you to plan your production schedule.

I think most of the growers who calculate what the yield potential is and divide that by the days of operation they will recognize the value of each day lost in the production. It can be anywhere between $10,000 dollars a day to $50,000 dollars a day. It’s a lot of money.

4) So you touched on a number of things. One is the time it takes for harvest, second is repeatability and the third is collecting information so that you can achieve that repeatability. What are some of the things you need to maintain a consistent harvest?

The idea would be to get between five and six harvests in a year. I personally like to work with cultivars that are eight to nine weeks.  I can predict timing within a day or two window.

The second thing, obviously, is collecting data during the growth cycle so that you provide the plants with the right recipe of food depending on the cycle of the grow.

Each stage requires different temperatures, humidity, CO2 and different frequency of watering and fertilizer regimes. So, once you track all that data and you have it quantified it’s almost like a mathematical graph, you can execute.

It’s easy to repeat because you’ve established that on day 25 you have to give, let’s say 1500 ppm CO2, and a specific recipe to fertilize etc.. it’s only a matter of repeating the same thing, again and again, cycle after cycle after cycle. That is the key to success! 

In part 2 we touch on variable risks, measuring quality, and optimizing a grow with data! 



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Interview: Michael talks to about Data-Driven Growing

Our CEO, Michael, gave an interview to describing his vision for a data-driven cannabis grow.

Braingrid to Receive Business Impact Award at 2017 IoT Expo


Braingrid is honoured to be receiving a Business Impact Award at the 2017 IoT Evolution Expo, held this year in Fort Lauderdale on February 7-10. This award is given out to companies that have successfully implemented IoT solutions which solve business problems, improve efficiencies and drive revenue opportunities.

We are very grateful for this recognition, and look forward to presenting on how Braingrid’s low-cost platform can capture and control critical business heartbeats to optimize operations across any industry sector or function.