Ample organics enter into Strategic Partnership

Ample Organics Inc and Braingrid Corporation Enter into Strategic Partnership

Toronto, ON – May 17, 2017: Ample Organics Inc., the most widely adopted enterprise seed-to-sale cannabis platform in Canada and Braingrid Corporation, a provider of affordable, scalable, and rapidly deployable sensor platforms for precision agriculture, today announced a strategic partnership to enhance Ample Organics’ customer offering. This solution will combine Braingrid’s wireless sensing and data collection expertise with Ample Organics’ enterprise software platform to create an unprecedented offering for medical cannabis growers.

“We are very pleased to form a strategic partnership with Ample Organics,” said Michael Kadonoff, CEO of Braingrid. “Ample Organics is the leader in seed-to-sale software for Canada’s licensed medical cannabis producers. By integrating Braingrid’s wireless sensing capabilities, they are greatly enhancing their product offering for their customers.”

Together Braingrid and Ample Organics are innovating with big data and analytics to address a challenge facing many licensed medical cannabis producers: reducing crop risk and operating costs while simultaneously increasing yields. Braingrid’s wireless sensing system will capture environmental data (such as temperature, relative humidity, CO2, O2, and atmospheric pressure), generate alarms and notifications as well as communicate data to Ample Organics’ software. Ample Organics’ solution integrates this data with production data to offer its customers unique grow analytics for optimized crop yields.

John X. Prentice, CEO of Ample Organics, commented: “By integrating the capabilities of Braingrid’s proprietary sensor platform, Ample Organics will deliver embedded environmental analytics to the Canadian cannabis industry. This is our first step towards deploying machine learning to drive harvest analytics and forecasting.”

The first pilot of Braingrid and Ample Organics’ co-innovated platform will take place at Hemisphere Pharmaceuticals beginning May 2017. Hemisphere is a state-of-the-art ACMPR production facility located in Brantford, Ontario.

About Ample Organics

Ample Organics is the most widely adopted seed-to-sale software solution among Canada’s licensed medical cannabis producers, designed specifically for compliance with ACMPR.

About Braingrid

Braingrid provides an affordable, scalable, and rapidly deployable sensor platform. Our fully integrated wireless solution empowers experts, managers, and executives with real-time data that enables valuable insights, increasing revenue while reducing costs and risks.

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